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for Neko-Kyohaku's sv event!

my oc, yuuka
141019 by rce-ordinary


my other oc, kanae/zoey
KNZY by rce-ordinary

also, i want to draw one of your oc that have a simple/cute design (preferably female over male)
and of course, sfw. that's all
[last updated: 13-02-15]

a giveaway by Ross-86, you could win a free art from her or points!
Thank you everyone for joining!
Here are the winners:

Seen the great amount of joiners (OMG OMG SO MAAAAANY \(*A*)/) I decided to DOUBLE the prizes ^_^  

Rules of the event:

:bulletred: To enter the giveaway, you have to watch me and share this journal
:bulletred: Leave a comment below with the link where you shared my journal so I can note your intention to join
:bulletred: there will be FOUR WINNERS

:bulletred: Deadline is February, 27, winners will be chosen the 28 with number generator

2nd Pr


Hinausa's raffle!
There were 759 ENTRIES!!! WOW THANK YOU !////Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] 
 Here are the winners!
:iconberry64: :iconyuumeri:
Thank you for all of those who entered! I wish I could reply to everyone comment but I can't!
Thank you for all your generous support, it was fun! Let's do it again sometime!


Neko-Rina's raffle!
Raffle winners!Yay!!! Thank you so much for joining guys!
I'm super happy ♥ I saw a lot of people saying beautiful things about my art on their journals >///<
Thank you for all those compliments ;w; They've really melted my heart...
Anyway these are the results:

First prize: (chibi art) is for :iconQTkiwikami:
Second prize: (sketch) is for :iconsuwakoi:
And I decided to add a Third Prize: (300 :points:) is for :iconnekocakeart:
I know it's not a lot but I can't offer more art atm ;w;
Winners, remember to drop me a note with the character you want me to draw. And also be patient with me. Commissions go first so I may need time until I can work on your rewards.
As a side note, I'm also very surprised some people obviously didn't care to read anything, even if I wrote in capital letters and a big font "Read everything before commenting". Others erased their journals or didn't even watch me, or used old journals to share this when I cle


a giveaway by Dekomory
CLOSEDHello darlings !!!
We will be 2000 beauties in this DA soon !!!!:icon34nipahplz: This should be celebrated !! :icon34nipahplz:
In this giveaway there are TWO winners! :iconyuiwahplz:
FIRST PLACE !!! ---> Super-kawaii-cute ... WALLPAPER !!! Wooooooooooo !!
Examples ----> <333
SECOND PLACE!!! ---> Kawaii chibi commission !!!! Wiiiiiiiiiiiii !! (Sorry, I'm so happy)
Examples----> <333
To enter the giveaway, you have to watch me and share this journal.
Good luck everybody !!!!
I will say the winners in the coming days ^^


Everglaves's raffle!
<da:thumb id="491677318"/>
anyone miss me? no? well.

i lastly updated this journal since inspiration station, so i update this. and leave it again

One does not simply... by ChaosFissureRemember by ChaosFissureCui Delenda Est? by ChaosFissure
Fading Star by ChaosFissureUpper Seabed Levels by ChaosFissureMolecules by ChaosFissure
Flower of Life by ChaosFissureCandy Cane by ChaosFissureInter Somnium by ChaosFissure



lady of the lake by piethein21abel by piethein21fiorbloem by piethein21
searching the stones by piethein21vibrating worl by piethein21sphiling by piethein21
lipipo by piethein21loonie stoneparty by piethein21watched by the whisp by piethein21
his fractals are more than just usual fractals. he always explore the new/advanced technique in fractals and just... awesome

Buckyballs by pillemasterThe Bridge II by pillemasterFlora meets Fauna by pillemaster
Reptiled Spirals by pillemasterBlack and White Tempest by pillemasterSkyline and Sea by pillemaster
Edges by pillemasterUnder my Carpet by pillemasterMobo 2 by pillemaster
Shells and Pearls by pillemasterWasting Disc Space by pillemasterAdust by pillemaster
sorry for get missed 2 weeks of i-s. but this time, i feature OutsideFate in this week
some of his artwork are awesome, i love how he used some (subtle) textures on his works here

Petals in the Rising Smoke by OutsideFateFantasia by OutsideFateExistentional Crisis by OutsideFate
...Shadows of the Starlight by OutsideFateIli Dozhd' po Glazam by OutsideFatethe Wave by OutsideFate
... of Someone Innocent by OutsideFateBloom by OutsideFateAlexandrian Archives by OutsideFate
Colour Clash by OutsideFateFiction by OutsideFateReshape by OutsideFate

oh well, next week is a finale national exam. i'm so nervous to know all the materials. wish me luck, everyone
:iconlove1008: (note: most of his gallery are photos. this is my selection of his fractals)

Shamans Journey 111 by love1008Shamans Journey 130 by love1008ALIENARCHITECTURE XII by love1008
Shamans Journey 113 by love1008ALIEN SEAFLOWER by love1008GREEN PARROT JUNGLE by love1008
ALIENTECH by love1008FLUX by love1008Shamans Journey 131 by love1008



11 12 31 A by penny577509 09 30 B by penny577509 08 13 B by penny5775
100123 by penny577511 03 29 A by penny5775100124 A by penny5775
09 07 31 A by penny577509 08 02 A by penny577511 11 20 C by penny5775
okay, no new stuffs from me this time. but i had a notice as the title said

i will prepare and face for school exam at monday, so my computer (and also internet) were jacked out for concentrate to studying from that day. because of this, i will be offline for about a week or a month and sometimes i will be online on my phone

that's all, see ya there!

oh well, i'm lying :P actually, i just have a lil free time after had done with exams. after that, i'm back to studying for the next day, play again... and so on, until it ends.
that's all again~
lyc is a creator of chaotica, a robust rendering program for apophysis and indigo renderer. his gallery are few, but let's take a look for my selection :D

candyfloss by lyccities of tomorrow by lycrise by lyc
a deepness in the sky by lyctemptress by lyccichlisuite by lyc
a.k.a. Austr-alien :P
he has bunch of alien-ated, psychedelic fractals and surrealistic works

Candyland 3 by psion005The Butterfly Effect 2 by psion005Blood Rose by psion005
Birth Chamber by psion005Playing With My III Balls by psion005N8tive Hyperbola by psion005


i'm not a fan of m3d and also used to produce fractals, but his works is so fantastic. nuff said

Infinitesimal by dainbramage1Hidden Away by dainbramage1Lattice by dainbramage1
Follow the Leader by dainbramage1Rotated Dodecohedron by dainbramage1Topsy-turvy by dainbramage1
(no description here, just feature of his arts in thumbs only. school assignments and many stuffs i must do took me over, so i don't have a time to type it)


shockwave by Mobilelectropolyrhythm 2 by Mobilelectrojulian daydream by Mobilelectro
kliengears by Mobilelectroblack hole firmament by Mobilelectroinlay6 by Mobilelectro
chaos game 2 by Mobilelectrodreamtime duality by Mobilelectrospark of life by Mobilelectro
earth blossom by Mobilelectroforgotten jewels by Mobilelectrothe unfractal by Mobilelectro
Fiery-Fire is a 'crazy' fractalist. yup, she made some fractals in many various styles. not only apo and ultrafractal which programs she used to make fractals, she also can made 3D scenes in bryce/daz, 3D fractals in mandelbulb 3d and mixed medias. she also share some resources such as tutorials and params (yay) which i used it a reference and practice :D

behold, major thumb features!! (not really) :la:
masquerade by Fiery-Firesmoking the nite away by Fiery-FireManhattan by Fiery-FireThe old man and the sea by Fiery-Fire
Maraschino swirl by Fiery-FireLeafing by Fiery-FireMonaLisa overdrive by Fiery-Firebuddha brother by Fiery-Fire
delphi by Fiery-FireBamboo depths by Fiery-Firethe new universe by Fiery-Fireautumn lights by Fiery-Fire
Pearls of new by Fiery-FireFerilium by Fiery-FireSirius-WP by Fiery-Fireswirls and twirls by Fiery-Fire
Halloween omelette by Fiery-FireFancy Me by Fiery-FireVortexia by Fiery-FireSilk_and_flowers by Fiery-Fire
No Rum No Ship No Hat by Fiery-FireInside the portrait of Dorian by Fiery-Firelost in middle of desert by Fiery-FirePearl Keepers-3 by Fiery-Fire
onion machine of tearful dream by Fiery-FireThe velocity tree crowns by Fiery-FireScrewball by Fiery-FirePandora 2 by Fiery-Fire
Mushroom hillside by Fiery-Firebe careful by Fiery-FireFire tree by Fiery-Firewhere dragons sleep by Fiery-Fire
it's double feature again, yaay~

coby01 had some beautiful and organic fractals. i really love her gems and flowers here, and also some scenic fractals by her. nothing much i say, i just stares at those beautiful pieces

FloatingBlossoms by coby01Quartz by coby01FloweringBamboo by coby01
Flynn- by coby01LilacDance by coby01IcyCold by coby01
Sea_Pearls by coby01Let'sDance by coby01Jewelspiral by coby01


FarDareisMai is a fractalist that made with various styles both in ultrafractal and apo, ratherly she made abstracts and textures

Decay by FarDareisMaiAsemic by FarDareisMaiEighty-one Lifetimes by FarDareisMai
Antikythera by FarDareisMaiWind Farm by FarDareisMaiI Hope You Like Onions by FarDareisMai
Agate by FarDareisMaiTendons and Treerings by FarDareisMaiAnxiety by FarDareisMai